High Court of Australia

Crump v New South Wales [2012] HCA 20

247 CLR 1; 86 ALJR 623; 286 ALR 658

4 May 2012

Case Number: S165/2011


French CJ, Gummow, Hayne, Heydon, Crennan, Kiefel, Bell JJ


Constitutional law (Cth) – Judicial power of Commonwealth - Constitution, Ch III - Sentencing and parole procedure - Whether determination made under s 13A of Sentencing Act 1989 (NSW) is a "matter" within s 73 of Constitution - Whether s 154A of Crimes (Administration of Sentences) Act 1999 (NSW) invalid for setting aside, varying, altering or otherwise stultifying a judgment, decree, order or sentence of Ch III court.

Words and phrases – "parole", "sentencing".

Constitution – s 73.

Crimes Act 1900 (NSW) – s 463.

Crimes (Administration of Sentences) Act 1999 (NSW) – ss 143, 154A.

Sentencing Act 1989 (NSW) – s 13A.


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