High Court of Australia

Graham v The Queen [2016] HCA 27

20 Jul 2016

Case Number: B14/2016


French CJ, Kiefel, Bell, Nettle, Gordon JJ


Criminal law – Appeal – Directions to jury – Where appellant convicted of attempted murder after firing shots during confrontation with man with knife – Where appellant relied on defence of self-defence under ss 271(1), 271(2) and 272(1) of Criminal Code (Q) – Where prosecutor suggested in closing address existence of "consensual confrontation" negated self-defence – Where trial judge did not direct jury that no evidence of consent – Where no redirection sought by defence counsel on this issue – Whether trial judge failed to properly direct jury as to self-defence – Whether trial judge erred in failing to direct jury as to defence of mistake under s 24 of Criminal Code.

Words and phrases – "assault", "consensual confrontation", "consent to assault", "mistaken belief", "self-defence".

Criminal Code (Q) – ss 24, 245, 271, 272.

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