High Court of Australia

Sio v The Queen [2016] HCA 32

24 Aug 2016

Case Number: S83/2016 S241/2015


French CJ, Bell, Gageler, Keane, Gordon JJ


Criminal law – Criminal liability – Inconsistent verdicts – Where appellant drove person to brothel – Where person intended to commit robbery – Where person fatally stabbed victim and took money – Where appellant charged with murder and armed robbery with wounding – Where jury directions on armed robbery with wounding charge omitted element of foresight of use of knife to wound – Where appellant acquitted of murder and convicted of armed robbery with wounding – Whether conviction and acquittal inconsistent – Whether substituted verdict should be ordered – Whether new trial should be ordered.

Evidence – Hearsay evidence – Evidence Act 1995 (NSW), s 65(2)(d) – Where person made representation that appellant gave him knife – Whether representation made in circumstances that made it likely that the representation was reliable.

Words and phrases – "circumstances that make it likely that the representation is reliable", "hearsay evidence", "inconsistent verdicts", "merciful verdict", "misdirection", "new trial", "substituted verdict".

Criminal Appeal Act 1912 (NSW) – ss 7, 8.

Evidence Act 1995 (NSW) – s 65.

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