High Court of Australia

Lyons v Queensland [2016] HCA 38

5 Oct 2016

Case Number: B16/2016


French CJ, Bell, Gageler, Keane, Nettle JJ


Discrimination law – Disability discrimination – Where deaf person summoned for jury service – Where deaf person required assistance of Auslan interpreters to participate as juror – Where deaf person excluded from jury panel – Whether exclusion was unlawful discrimination.

Juries – Persons constituting jury – Jury deliberations – Whether permissible for interpreter to be present in jury room during deliberations – Whether deaf person who requires assistance of interpreter in jury room eligible for jury service under Jury Act 1995 (Q).

Words and phrases – "deaf person", "direct discrimination", "functions of a juror", "indirect discrimination", "jury deliberations", "jury service", "separation of the jury".

Anti –Discrimination Act 1991 (Q), ss 10, 11, 101.

Jury Act 1995 (Q) – ss 4(3), 54, 70.

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