High Court of Australia

Simic v New South Wales Land and Housing Corporation [2016] HCA 47

7 Dec 2016

Case Number: S136/2016


French CJ, Kiefel, Gageler, Nettle, Gordon JJ


Contract – Construction of terms – Performance bonds – Where unconditional undertakings by financial institution to pay on demand ("Undertakings") required as security under construction contract – Where Undertakings and underlying finance applications erroneously referred to non-existent entity as payee because incorrect information provided by applicant for security – Principle of autonomy – Principle of strict compliance – Whether possible to construe references to non-existent entity in Undertakings and applications as references to counterparty to construction contract.

Contract – Rectification – Actual or true common intention of parties – Where references to non-existent entity in Undertakings and applications result of common mistake – Whether rectification available to correct references to non-existent entity.

Words and phrases – "actual or true common intention", "bank guarantee", "common mistake", "letter of credit", "performance bond", "principle of autonomy", "principle of strict compliance", "rectification", "subjective intention of the parties".

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