High Court of Australia

ETA067 v The Republic of Nauru [2018] HCA 46

17 Oct 2018

Case Number: M167/2017


Bell, Keane, Gordon JJ


Immigration – Nauru – Refugees – Application for refugee status – Where Secretary of Department of Justice and Border Control determined appellant not refugee – Where Refugee Status Review Tribunal affirmed Secretary's determination – Whether Tribunal failed to act according to principles of natural justice – Whether Tribunal failed to assess evidence provided by appellant in relation to his claim to have a well-founded fear of persecution by reason of his political opinion – Whether Tribunal failed to give appellant an opportunity to comment on evidence concerning membership of political party – Whether Supreme Court of Nauru erred in affirming Tribunal's determination.

Words and phrases – "evidence material to assessment", "principles of natural justice", "well-founded fear of persecution".

Refugees Convention Act 2012 (Nr) – ss 5, 22(b), 40(1).

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