High Court of Australia

TTY167 v Republic of Nauru [2018] HCA 61

5 Dec 2018

Case Number: S46/2018


Gageler, Nettle, Edelman JJ


Immigration – Refugees – Nauru – Appeal as of right from Supreme Court of Nauru – Where Secretary of Department of Justice and Border Control determined appellant not refugee and not owed complementary protection – Where appellant applied to Refugee Status Review Tribunal for merits review of Secretary's determination – Where Tribunal sent letter to "Team Leader" of claims assistance provider inviting appellant to attend hearing – Where appellant and his representatives failed to attend Tribunal hearing – Where Tribunal affirmed Secretary's determination in appellant's absence – Where Supreme Court affirmed Tribunal's decision – Whether invitation to attend Tribunal hearing given to appellant – Whether legally unreasonable for Tribunal to decide matter without taking further action to allow or enable appellant to appear.

Words and phrases – "authorised representative", "given", "invitation to appear", "jurisdictional requirement", "legally unreasonable".

Interpretation Act 2011 (Nr) – ss 100, 101.

Refugees Convention Act 2012 (Nr) – ss 40(3), 41(1).

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