High Court of Australia

Minister for Immigration and Border Protection v SZMTA [2019] HCA 3

CQZ15 v Minister for Immigration and Border Protection

BEG15 v Minister for Immigration and Border Protection

13 Feb 2019

Case Number: S36/2018 M75/2018 S135/2018


Bell, Gageler, Keane, Nettle, Gordon JJ


Immigration – Refugees – Administrative Appeals Tribunal – Refugee Review Tribunal – Review by Tribunal under Pt 7 of Migration Act 1958 (Cth) – Where visa applicants sought review by Tribunal of decisions by delegates of Minister for Immigration and Border Protection to refuse visas – Where Secretary of Department of Immigration and Border Protection gave Tribunal documents considered relevant to Tribunal's review – Where Secretary or officer of Department purported to notify Tribunal that s 438 of Act applied to information contained in provided documents – Where s 438 applies if either of two preconditions concerning confidentiality or public interest in non-disclosure of documents or information met – Where s 438(3) conferred discretions on Tribunal, upon notification that s 438 applies to document or information, to have regard to matter in document or to information and to disclose such matter or information to applicant for review – Where fact of notification not disclosed to visa applicants during Tribunal's review – Where notifications incorrect and invalid – Whether procedural fairness required Tribunal to disclose fact of notification to visa applicants – Whether incorrect and invalid notification resulted in denial of procedural fairness.

Administrative law – Judicial review – Jurisdictional error – Procedural fairness – Materiality – Where denial of procedural fairness occurred – Whether denial constitutes jurisdictional error if and only if denial was material in that denial deprived applicant for review of possibility of successful outcome – Whether Tribunal's review affected by jurisdictional error.

Words and phrases – "disclosure", "discretion to refuse relief", "document or information", "fact of notification", "incorrect and invalid notification", "jurisdictional error", "material", "onus of proof", "possibility of a successful outcome", "practical injustice", "procedural fairness", "s 438 certificate".

Migration Act 1958 (Cth) – Pt 7.

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