High Court of Australia

Pickett v Western Australia [2020] HCA 20

Mead v Western Australia

Mead v Western Australia

Anthony v Western Australia

TSM (a child) v Western Australia

29 May 2020

Case Number: P45/2019 P46/2019 P47/2019 P48/2019 P49/2019




Criminal law – Parties to offences – Where group of eight males assaulted victim – Where group included appellants and a youth aged 11 years ("PM") – Where one member of group stabbed victim causing death – Where appellants charged with murder under Criminal Code (WA) – Where Crown alleged seven males who did not stab victim deemed to have taken part in committing offence under s 7(b), s 7(c) or s 8 of Criminal Code – Where ss 7(b), 7(c) and 8 of Criminal Code operated when "an offence is committed" – Where reasonably possible that PM inflicted fatal stab wound – Where PM could not be criminally responsible for acts unless he had capacity to know he ought not to do act under s 29 of Criminal Code – Where prosecution adduced no evidence to establish capacity – Where trial judge declined to direct jury that they could not convict appellants of murder unless satisfied beyond reasonable doubt PM did not cause death – Where appellants convicted of murder – Whether trial judge erred in declining to direct jury that they could not convict appellants of murder unless satisfied that PM did not cause death – Whether "offence" committed for purposes of ss 7(b), 7(c) and 8 where failure to prove criminal responsibility of person who may have done act constituting offence.

Words and phrases – "accessorial criminal liability", "an offence is committed", "authorised or justified or excused by law", "commission of an offence", "common law antecedents", "construction of the Code", "criminally responsible", "enabler or aider", "excuse", "justification", "liable to punishment", "offence", "participants in the offence", "parties to the offence", "party to an unlawful common purpose", "principal offender", "unlawful killing".

Criminal Code (WA) – Chs V, XXVI; ss 1, 2, 7, 8, 29, 36, 268, 277, 279.

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